Written Proposal/Job details & Licensing Info 

Our owner/estimator, Fred, will come to your home or business to give you a Free Estimate.  We will provide you with a written proposal, stating the precise details and costs for your job.  We require no money up front.  We are licensed, bonded and fully insured for your protection (documentation available upon request).  We carry a Colorado Springs cement license, which enables us to perform all city work: city sidewalks, aprons, curb and gutter.  We pull all necessary permits and perform all work in accordance to code.

Fred Dullin in front of big red concrete truck Permit

Preparing the Job Site

The first thing we do when we start on your job is to carefully remove and haul off all existing concrete or other materials.  Then we precisely set forms, grade and compact the sub grade, prior to pouring.  Our attention to details in the preparation stage is what ensures a quality job for you.

Concrete Picture showing materials used to prep concrete71


Quality Materials Used and Concrete Specifications

We pour all driveways, parking pads, curb and gutter with 4000 PSI Fibermesh reinforced concrete for added strength and durability.  We pour city sidewalk (the sections directly in front of the driveway) aprons, curb and gutter 6” thick, as per city code, while all other installations are poured a minimum of 4” thick.  Patios, sidewalk, stoops and steps are poured with 4000PSI concrete.  We install all necessary control and expansion joints.

Preventative Care with your Structures and Landscaping

We have the utmost respect for your home, fencing and landscaping and have procedures in place to protect them for the duration of the project.  We put down large sheets of plywood to protect your lawn before driving our equipment in your yard. We also take extra precaution to cover all adjacent areas with drop cloths and plastic to protect them from concrete splatters before we pour the concrete.  We also return your landscaping to its original state and meticulously clean and pressure wash the entire job site once all concrete work has been completed.

concrete78 concrete74

Finishing Techniques

Once the concrete has been finished, we apply a light broom texture to exterior concrete, or apply a steel-troweled slick finish by hand for interior pours.  Then we spray the surface with a high quality 25% cure and sealer. This allows the concrete to cure properly.  We always recommend that a quality sealer be applied 30 days after your concrete has been poured and then at least, every other fall.

concrete82 Garage with smooth surface

Workmanship & Customer Service

Quality work combined with our dedication to customer service is what our reputation is built on.  If you ever experience any problems, please don’t hesitate to call us.  We are happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.